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Tek Jeton


Date : 2011

Location : İstanbul

Client : Tek Jeton

Type : Stage / Decor 

Status : Unrealised proposal  / Conseptual Design Project 

Team : Can Sübiler, Ayşegül Karaman


Description :

A set design project for a TV program about video games; Tek Jeton. Pixels are the foundation of the computer games, so when we design the TV set; we inspired by the pixels. Reminding audience the pixels of games, we created a dynamic pixel world around the set. The presenters are at the center ot this pixel world, which is referencing to various video games. Presenters can easily find the game DVD’s, place different game accessories on the shelves near them. Guests will be seated on the nostalgic game console inpired chairs.

As seen in general plans, walls of the apartment was covered with pixel shaped 3D cubes. The left wall has DVD shelves with ligth sources on the inner edges. The corner between left wall and back wall has 3D pixel cubes as well. Pixels cubes split from this edge and fall to the floor, this sight is strengthen the bonds between TV set and the pixel world.

Spaceship model on the back wall is inspired by the logo of Tek Jeton . And has secret backlights. This main visual is positioned on the back wall and can be seen between the presenters on the main scenes.

There was a empty space between the rigth and the back walls. Instead of closing this emptiness, we placed a mascot figure and turned this blank space into a visual area. We strengthen this visual area by ligths from upside and rigth&left sides.

To block ligth reflections on the floor, we used wall to wall carpeting. Light tones of color were prefered as seen on the images.

The classic earth and grass texture, (which is commonly used in classical platfrom games)  can be seen on the stage plans and the wall ends. The blank space between the main wall and the grass texture, allows a secret lighting for this wall.

The coffee tables in front of the presenters are cubes, inspired by Super Mario video game.

The Atari game console inspired chairs are one of the main characters to give video game mood to the program. Various visuals can be attached to sides to consolidate the mood.