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Utku Koleji


Date : 2012

Location : Ereğli / Zonguldak

Client : Utku Koleji

Type : Education  

Status : Unrealised proposal  / Conseptual Design Project 

Team : Hasan Yaren,  Eda Yunusoğlu,  Ayşegül Karaman


Description :

Master plan and conceptual design project of the new campus area for Utku Koleji, in Ereğli/Zonguldak. Additional functions were added to the 7000m2 area, near the existing school construction. The 40m difference between base and top levels, is one of the the main criterias in the layout plan. The terracing for the main functions, were made with minimum change to the natural topography.

School has two main entrances; one is for primary school and the other one is for high school. The existing school building is only used as a primary school. This existing building is planned to be used as high school and the additional building is planned to be used as the primary school.



Primary School from apollo212 on Vimeo.